Cuccio Training Course & Kit – Cuccio 4 Day Hard Gel Beginners


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This course is to give individuals a true insight into the world of Gel nail technology, enabling you to understand how the nail and the products we use work. The 4 day course covers tip application; product application; how to maintain the nails and safe removal. Your educator will also spend the course helping you develop customer loyalty and what it is to be a nail technician as well as being competent at Hard Gel nails. You will receive an official Cuccio certificate accredited by ABT.

The courses comes with an essential two week practise break where you are required to complete a minimum of 6 sets of gel nails and return with case studies so that you and your educator can work through any issues you may have had and your educator can constructively give you pointers on where you can improve moving forward


Who is the course suitable for?

Complete beginners wanting to learn the science and application of Hard Gel nails

Pre-requisite: None

What you will learn:

Itinerary Day 1:

• Health and Safety

• Anatomy and physiology

• Client consultation and contraindications

• Tip application utilising two techniques

• Filing and shaping the nails

Itinerary Day 2:

• Complete overview of Hard Gel as a system

• Features and benefits of Hard Gel as a system

• Science behind the system

• Full practical demonstrations, working through how to pick up the perfect bead and create perfect shape to the nail

• Full practical time allowed to master the new skill

• Filing and shaping the nails

Itinerary Day 3:

• Full troubleshooting session

• Infill and maintenance procedures

• Sculpting demonstrations

• White tip application

• Safe removal

• Aftercare

Itinerary Day 4:

• Written and practical test

• Marketing and business advice

• Time allocated for product demonstration of further Cuccio product

Kit Included

T3 UV/LED Controlled Levelling Gel 1/4oz – Clear

T3 UV/LED Controlled Levelling Gel 1/4oz – Opaque Petal Pink

T3 UV/LED Controlled Levelling Gel 1oz – Transparent Pink

T3 UV/LED Controlled Levelling Gel 1/4oz – White

T3 UV/LED Pro Flex Gel 1oz – Clear

T3 UV/LED Pro Flex Gel 1oz – White

Flat Nylon Gel Brush

Finishing wipe 120ml

Dappen Dish

Cuccio Pro Sculpting Forms 50 singles

Veneer Prep 13ml

Veneer Fuse 13ml

Veneer Top 13ml

100 pk Ultrawear Tips

3 Gram Glue

100 pk revelation tips

Dual ended cuticle pusher

Metal cuticle nipper

One cut tip clipper

Revitalising Cuticle Oil 15ml

Sanitiser Spray

Acetone 125ml

Non acetone remover 125 ml

White sanding block

Gold block

Miracle buff and shine

Black boomerang 100/180

Black 240 grit file

White angle file

Angle Zebra

Pack nail wipes

desk towels pk 100

Cuccio Pro2 Curve LED Lamp

T3 UV/LED Gel Manual

Large Grey Bag



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