Cuccio Pro LED/UV Dip Gel 14ml


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Use as part of the our LED/UV Dip Gel System. The Dip Gel system is an LED/UV curable soak-off gel base that is specifically formulated to work with the porous composition of dip powders.
* LED/UV cured, soak-off Gel.
* Application:
* After prepping natural nails and applying Bonder:
* Apply a coat of Dip Gel to the nail and flash cure for 5 seconds – this will stop the gel from shifting when you dip into powder.
* Dip each finger into the Powder Polish dipping powder of your choice.
* Tap off excess powder and cure for 1 minute LED, 2 minutes UV.
* Repeat steps 1-2 more times depending on coverage required.
* File over with a buffing block to remove any bumps or even spots.
* Finish with Cuccio Pro No Cleanse Top Coat (1 min LED cure, 2 minutes UV).


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