E-File Bit – The Diamond Barrel


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Diamond bits are slightly smoother to work with than carbide, they can take a little longer to work through product as they scratch away at the surface, rather than shave it away. This is what makes them perfect for finish filing without removing too much product too quickly.

They are also safer for use all around the side walls and proximal fold with less chance of damage to the natural nail as you blend in your product, and can be used to remove the top coat from your gel polish, ready to wrap up and soak off.

A fine grit diamond bit can also be used very carefully to remove cuticle tissue.


E-File Bit – The Diamond Barrel 

Medium grit

Suitable for left and right handed nail techs

Standard 3/32 shaft fits all e-files

Larger barrel for speed

Perfect for finish filing the nail surface after application of product.

Perfect for removing gel polish top coat ready for soak off.


Diamond bits last approximately 2-3 months dependant on frequency of use. When you notice you are spending a little longer filing than usual, and need more stokes of the file to smooth and remove then it’s time for a new piece.

After each use clean with hot soapy water and then disinfect using your usual tool disinfectant method. Follow the disinfectant manufacturers instructions on contact or soaking time to thoroughly disinfect without damaging your e-file bit.



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