GL Spa Therapy – Focus Salon Starter Kit

GL Spa Therapy – Focus Salon Starter Kit


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  • 1x 245ml Spa Soak
  • 1x 245ml Hand & Body Lotion
  • 1x 250g Spa Salt Scrub
  • 1x 200g Hydrating Body Cream

Focus Trial Kit 

Focus, is a blend of Lemon, Clary Sage & Rosemary, the perfect ‘pick me up’ With properties known to lift your mood, aid focus & mental clarity, whilst brightening your skin and easing inflammation & muscle tension.

Our salons starter kit contains the core products needed to allow you to carry out complete manicure, pedicure or body treatments for yourself and your clients.

Starting with Spa Soak, then exfoliating with Spa Salt Scrub, rinse off with damp sponges. Finish with Hand & Body Lotion or Hydrating Body cream depending on your clients needs. You can also choose to incorporate both, using Lotion for a short massage for the body, arms, legs and then finishing with Hydrating Body Cream for that extra boost of hydration for hands, feet, elbows & knees.

Suitable for all skin types.

Paraben Free

Cruelty Free

Vegan Friendly

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