Halo Gel Polish – Wonderland 8ml


Halo Gel Polish – Wonderland 8ml

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Euphoric (eu-phor-ic) (adj)

A feeling of well-being, intense happiness, or elation. An affective state of extreme excitement, joy, or self-confidence.

This collection from Pure Nails features eight unique glittering shades that embody the feeling of euphoria, these Halo Gel Polish colours are perfect as we enter festival season!

“Life is too magical not to be enchanted by it.”

With easy application, amazing shine and pigmentation and 14-days of chip free wear, you can prepare for your most sparkly Spring yet with Halo Gel Polish. Plus, it’s vegan and cruelty free!

Wonderland 8ml

New Improved HEMA FREE formula

Halo Gel Polish couldn’t be easier to apply! For maximum wear, follow our simple step by step below:

  1. Prepare the nails by shaping, doing cuticle work and removing surface shine with our Halo Elite Yellow Block (220 grit). Make sure you remove the shine at the sidewalls and around the cuticle.
  2. Use our Halo Prep & Scrub to remove any dust and oils from the nail plate.
  3. Apply a Halo Base Coat in a thin layer. Remember to cap the free edge!
  4. Cure for 30 seconds in a Halo Smart Lamp.
  5. Pick your fave Halo Gel Polish colour and apply a thin later to the nail, remembering again to cap that free edge.
  6. Cure for 30 seconds in a Halo Smart Lamp.
  7. Apply a second thin layer of your chosen Halo Gel Polish, seal the free edge and cure for 30 seconds.
  8. Apply a thin layer of your chosen Halo Top Coat, sealing the free edge and cure for 30 seconds.
  9. Some of our Top Coats need their sticky layer removing with a Lint-Free Pad and Pure Nails Gel Wipe.
  10. Apply Pure Nails Cuticle Feed once the manicure has finished.




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