Overline Radio Frequency Light Face

Overline Radio Frequency Light Face

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This Overline RF Light Face machine comes with a bipolar and multipolar handpiece, together with a light mask.

Bipolar Radio Frequency Face
This treatment with an extraordinary lifting effect, counteracts sagging skin. By raising the temperature of the existing connective tissue and activating, through heat, the fibroblasts to produce new Collagen and new Elastin, it reduces wrinkles and signs of ageing, rejuvenating the face, for a completely compacting and relaxing effect of the tissues. Natural significant results, visible after a few months.

Multipolar Radio Frequency Face
Used to obtain skin rejuvenation, thanks to the increase in subcutaneous temperature which causes a denaturation of collagen proteins, which shrink and thicken (lifting effect), leading to an increase in the consistency of the dermis. The thermal insult caused by the radio frequency also activates the fibroblasts with a consequent increase over time of collagen, elastin and therefore also an increase in dermal density, generating a greater distension of the tissues.

Light Face Mask – Rebalancing
Wellness chrome treatment that uses different colours that can be customised according to individual preferences, thus obtaining greater relaxation and benefit in the final phase of the treatment, which combined with the specific iSol Chrome masks, allows to intensify the result giving the face an illuminating final effect.

Red Light Therapy
Combats wrinkles and increases collagen production for smoother younger looking skin.

Blue Light Therapy
Eliminates acne-causing bacteria, reduces acne and helps to ease inflamed skin.

Green Light Therapy
Promotes healing and cell absorption. Evens out skin colour and helps reduce redness.


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